Curriculum Vitae

Cello Instructor 2009 – Present

Teaches/Taught at: Santa Monica Music Center, Musa Academy, Harmony Project, Musika, Cassell’s Music and privately.

Currently I have 30 students.

Also teaches:

  • Origami
  • Accordian
  • Piano
  • Violin (beginning)
  • Guitar


  • CSUN Orchestra
  • Cal Arts Orchestra
  • MESTO Orchestra (current)

Promotional Work:

Performance pieces:

  • A Suicide Bombing (Lars “American” Jan theatrical) 2012 – Cellist
  • Depth of Surface (Samantha Goodman choreography) 2013 – Cellist
  • Untitled Dance (Heidi Duckler ensemble) 2014 – Cellist
  • The Colored Room (Dorn Dance Ensemble) 2014 – Cellist

Composed original music in the following music groups:

  • Tes Elations. Co-founder songwriter.
  • Slumber Beast. Cellist.
  • On and Off Superfast Co-founder songwriter.
  • Cardio Pulmonary. Solo project.
  • Connect the Dots. Co-founder songwriter.
  • Superflu. Co-founder songwriter.

Recorded and or played live with various bands:

  • Inner Ecstasy, Tes Elations, Soko, Chelsea Wolfe, No Age, Saint Motel, Dorian Wood, Ceasar Saez, Elusive, The Bixby Knolls, Mothers of Gut, On and Off Superfast, Super Flu, Cardio Pulmonary, Slumber Beast, Shovel and Hammer Orchestra, Django Hank, Magick Orchids, Miniature Soap, Big Whup, Haunted Summer, Salt Petal, Red Car, Pastilla, Voice on Tape and many many others.

Currently Plays in:

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